Project Open Eyes

Children are educated about the physical world and how they can keep themselves safe, even before they have exposure to the world beyond their communities.

We must begin to educate them early enough about online safety, because if they are not engaged online already- connecting with their family and friends, doing academic research, gaming, or shopping- sooner or later, they will be.

And we do not want them caught unawares.

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About Us

Project Open Eyes is a social project which aims to start and promote a sustained inclusive campaign about media- especially new media, digital devices, and their influence on children in Nigeria. Project Open Eyes focuses on the impact of digital devices such as the smartphone, tablets, and smart watches, and the influence of new media platforms like the Internet and social media.   Project Open Eyes defines a child as a person under the age of eighteen years, in line with the Child Rights Act, but extends its concern to all teenagers.



The 3 Cs that Matter

Our Core Values


Many of the harm and risks that children face in their use of digital devices and new media are brought on them by themselves and by their peers. For instance, an issue like mobile phone overuse/addiction is not a function of the action of others but of the child who has physical custody of a phone.


The lure of the Internet today is connection. Social media companies invite us all to connect online in different ways. And everybody is connecting. Influencers, ranging from the religious leaders to business leaders and leaders of thought, are all avid social media users. People are making new friends online and reconnecting with long lost friends and acquaintances.


It will be foolhardy to think that at some point we would have utopian media where there would be no risk of harm to child or adult. But we must yet strive to do all we can to ensure that the media is kept safe for children. We believe that people and technology are key to having a safe media for children.