Project 2018

Project Open Eyes organizes sensitization workshops and trainings for students across schools in Nigeria, and for parents/guardians. We also organize trainings for administrators, counsellors, and teachers from schools across Nigeria. The sensitization trainings for students will centre around teaching children about proper conduct online; avoiding negative contact and content, and employing the great content they access online, and the good and trusted contacts, to improve themselves.

The sensitization workshop for parents is hinged on the fact that the first responsibility for the safety of children in their media use, lies with their parents/guardians. Thus, Project Open Eyes will be accepting invitations to teach parents about how they can effectively play the role they ought to play in ensuring that their children are safe as they employ digital devices and new media.

Trainings will also be organized for school administrators, counsellors and teachers to properly equip them as they instruct students who are living a good part of their lives online.

Interested schools/parents can make a request for sensitization and/or training by filling a form here.